5 House Secrets of Ma Maison


Tonkatsu by Ma Maison serves 26 of its Tonkatsu dishes, with the Mameton and Rosu Katsu being amongst the top selling items on the menu.
The Mameton set consists of beautifully crumbed pork loins and fillets, accompanied by panko-covered prawns to deliver a package of crisp and crunchy perfection. Another customer favourite is the Rosu Katsu, a 160g pork loin, a premium cut of meat marbled with fat. Other top selling items include the 
Jumbo Rosu, which is the jumbo set of the Rosu Katsu; a serving of 250g of pork loin, Curry Katsu; deep-fried pork loin served with its spicy house made Japanese curry sauce, Katsu Don; deep-fried pork loin topped with egg and special soy sauce, Ippon Hire; a 180g deep fried pork fillet, and the Crab and Oyster Croquettes set. Each of these sets are served complete with a bowl of rice, a bowl of Tonjiru soup and shredded crunchy cabbage
salad dressed in a tangy sesame sauce. Here’s the secret behind.